Sunday, May 3, 2009

Come Hell or High Water

Isn't that the old saying? That's what I felt like trying to get these kids off to prom last night. Of all the days for the weather forcast to be not only wrong on timing but REALLY wrong on timing, did it really have to be today? We knew it was going to rain but, from what I understood, I didn't think the heavy rains were going to hit until after the kids were on their way to Dallas.

I took Michael over to Ashleigh's about 4:00 - younger boys in tow. Michael (as you can see) was incredibly handsome and Ashleigh was as beautiful as expected. We took a few pictures at her house and then went over to a family friend's so that she could see Ashleigh and Michael and we could take some pictures there. I was joking around about "wait until you get married" because of all of the flashes and poses. Ok, I CAN wait. One thing at a time, please.

(Logan and Michael have been best friends since elementary school)

There were four couples going together, sitting together, hanging out all night together. The next stop was the house were they were all meeting up for group pictures. This is when the heavy rains started coming. And when it started it just never let up. During all of the picture taking we were watching the weather on a computer. It was going right towards Dallas so pretty much they were going to be driving with the storms. As parents, we didn't want to send the kids off with the risk of an accident or anything. It just didn't seem like it was going to get any better and they were running out of time. One of the parents had rented an Expedition so Michael and Ashleigh went in that truck. At least it was nice and big.

By the time they were getting to the car, the streets were so filled with water that they had to jump over small streams to get in. I just couldn't believe how much it had rained in a relatively short amount of time. The weather was calling for hail and strong winds, but I never saw or heard any hail, thank the Lord. The most comforting factor was just knowing that these boys are very responsible. They understood the importance of getting there and not goofing off on the way. It was so nice to see all the parents there and the kids respecting everyone.

They made it safely and had a good time. Now I'm just waiting to hear how it was. My baby boy is nearing the end of his high school years.

LD Bell High School Senior Prom 2009
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