Saturday, May 16, 2009

Band Banquet 2009

Final event for the school year? Not really but sort of. It was the first really dressy event Alyssa has gotten to go to. As a mom, this has been fun, getting the dress, the shoes, all of the right accessories...not having a super dressy daughter, these moments are few and far between. She did agree, after it was all said and done, that is was a lot of fun playing dress up. We went to a popular dress store in the mall (some place I do not frequent-EVER) and picked out lots of dresses. We even had a girl helping up set up a room with other dresses. The final decision was on Alyssa. It was between the red dress you see and one that was more like a club dress. This one, I feel, is certainly more able to be worn other places.

She took her best friend, Melina. They spent Saturday with Melina's aunt, doing hair and make up. They look so pretty with their red and black and their hair all done up pretty. Michael and Ashleigh went to the mall that morning so Michael could pick out a tie to match her dress and then, yes, he got plaid Vans to wear. I love it! He is such a fun kid like that. After prom, you just gotta do something fun and comfortable, especially when you know there is gonna be dancin' going on!

Their friend, Molly, came to the house with her date Matt and they all drove together. My only requirement was that Alyssa and Melina go with Michael and Ashleigh to and from the banquet. All in all, they had a great time. Michael said it was the funnest one yet! They honored the Seniors and he got an achievement award for having participated in the HEBISD Band program for six years.
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