Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UIL Competitions this week

Thank goodness I still have two weeks to go before I go back to work full time. This week has been crazy and it's just Wednesday! Monday was the LD Bell Band 3 UIL Competition out at Arlington Juan Seguin High School. Not knowing where the school was exactly, and going on Google directions, I was anxious that we (Mom and Jonathan went with me) wouldn't make it on time. Traffic is always such an issue going into Arlington. But, we made it just in time to get a seat an get settled. They did an amazing job and of course made straight 1's. I missed the very first few notes, but this was the first song they performed.

As soon as we got back in Bedford, I took Alyssa to get her driver's license. This was the second time that we had been there. Friday, I took her out of school about 45minutes early. We thought we had all the documents. We got there and sat for an hour only to find out (not by the person at the front who is supposed to check this!) that we were missing a green form that Alyssa had gotten when she completed the course. She knew where it was and so we would have to come back. So, again, here we are again. And again, we wait about an hour, only to find out the paper we brought wasn't the right one. Again, the person at the front who is supposed to check this didn't. Third times a charm, right? Ok, so we go back Tuesday morning as they are opening, all the correct papers in hand, and she is now an official driver.

Tuesday was a remake of Monday with Project Help added in the morning. I am truly going to miss going up there. The people that volunteer there are just always so incredibly happy all the time. It is such a blessing to be a part of giving someone a few more meals for their family. I just keep going back to the one time I read in the church bulletin that they were not going to open Project Help that week because they didn't have enough volunteers. Personally, I don't want that to happen again. There are always people in need. We are there to bless them. So we are headed again back to Arlington to watch Michael with the LD Bell Band 2. This time we had a better idea of time and made it with time to spare. They were running behind so we had time to spare. Michael had three solos. I knew I heard a trumpet playing alone, but he never tells me these things! Luckily I recorded all three of their songs too.

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