Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet 16 Already

Today my little girl is 16. It's hard to imagine yet so wonderful. I will be honest here (she has heard this story before). I wasn't so keen on having a girl. I had brothers growing up. I had girl friends, but honestly, my whole life, I get a long with a few girls really well. In big groups, not so good. So, when the pregnancy started out difficult, or more so than with Michael, I just knew in my heart I was having a girl.

From the minute she was born, I couldn't imagine my life without her. In my world, girls are more difficult than boys. But there are just things that you enjoy more having a girl around the house. Alyssa comes by her "specialties" honestly. She is a definite product of her mother. I tell her all the time that she is no doubt my child. I remember when she was in preschool and I was helping at lunch one day, one of the teachers came up to me and said, "I know who your daughter is." I had no clue who this woman was but I went along. "Really? Who?" She called it 100%. I am Alyssa's mom and we look a lot alike.

I had Michael at the hospital C-section, so when I got pregnant with Alyssa, Steve had quit the job with insurance and went into cleaning buildings. We didn't have much money at all. Using a hospital without insurance was very expensive. I knew we had a midwife at the church, so we gambled and went to see her. We both fell in love immediately. It was a scary journey, but we knew she would be there to keep us calm and help us deliver this baby. The pregnancy was more difficult and I was ready to get it over with. So, the night before her due date, I drank Caster Oil in Dr. Pepper (BAD BAD idea). I won't go into the gory details, but it wasn't fun. However, it did start labor and amazingly enough, I actually had her within 12 1/2 hours. I thought I was going to die, but once she was born, I honestly forgot all the stuff I had been going through.

This photo was taken when she was 5 months old. She is in her daddy's christening gown. She was the only one he would let me put in it. There are several family items, pictures of grandparents, baby blankets from her dad and her Nana. I just love this picture.

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like she's trying to get away from me, which is kind of how our relationship is now. She loves me and I love her but, depending on the situation, I can't just walk up and snuggle with her because she knows that I will typically do it to be silly and so she backs away.

I am very happy that I have a girl. The boys are great, but having a daughter is something that I never imagined would be this fun. It's like having your best girlfriend living with you. You bicker and don't always get along, but when you need her, she will be there immediately. What a blessing she is!
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Andy Baker said...

I remember her at that age. And I remember those glasses. I can't believe she's old enough to drive. That's hilarious. And that Steve wouldn't let you put the christening gown on the boys is SO him.