Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project Help

Because I am not working at the moment, I was able to go up to church yesterday and help with a program that they have every Tuesday from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Project Help is a Food Bank and Clothes Closet for needy families in the area. I had always thought that people came mostly from the apartments surrounding our church. They actually come from all over the metroplex. They have various needs that our church is able to help with.

I knew this existed but had never seen inside the clothes closet or the food bank. I was plesantly surprised at how much food they had in there. Of course, there is never enough of certain items. Each month, they assign an item to bring for the Food Bank and a note is put in the church bulletin. The items are hardly ever food. They are items like laundry detergent, shampoo, things like that. I didn't ask where the bulk of the food comes from, but I assume it's from stores or other food banks in the area.

The group that helps every week are the older generation from our church - the ones that have retired and are volunteering. What a fun group they were! There were two of us that had recently lost our jobs and will be there until we get another job. I was assigned to the dairy section. I put together a box of things like yogurt, cottage cheese and cool whip. The process is that someone comes in for help. They sign in and fill out a form with their name and what their need/needs are. They are taken into a room to speak with a "counselor" and then taken to the clothes closet. When they are done there,they are taken to the food bank. We have a few shopping carts that have been pre-filled with certain items that everyone gets, and then someone takes that cart around the room to pick up other items, such as meat, dairy, laundry soap, diapers, etc. while the person coming for help picks out bread on the other side of the wall.

It was so nice to be able to hold the door and have a little interaction with them and see how greatful they were for what they received. There was one family who walked there. I really wanted to take them to their house in my car so that they could get more things. Since they were walking, they could only take what they could carry. It was definitely time well-spent. I will do this every Tuesday until I am back at work.

If you need help during these tough economic times, or you know someone who does, please let them know about Project Help. If you can donate, there are all sorts of things that they are in constant need of.

Project HELP
Every Tuesday
Time: From 10:00 am until 12:30 pm
Location: Bateman Building
2012 Shadybrook
Bedford, TX 76021
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