Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fanny Pack..and other stuff

–noun - a small zippered pouch suspended from a belt around the waist.


(This cracked me up!)
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butt pack

I am getting my home-life organized now that I am on my "work vacation". This morning I started in the bathroom. 1)because I find myself noticing all the crap (not literal) that gets stuffed in the cabinets 2)I spend a lot of time in there and in my room in general.

As I am going through the cabinet above the toilet, I pull out some bags and things I have had up there since I moved in here five and a half years ago. When I look down to see what I have tossed to the floor, I notice there is a fanny pack. At first, I just laugh wondering why in the world I have kept it. I definitely remember where it came from.

When I was just pregnant with Michael (why do all my stories tend to start out like this?) maybe 3 months pregnant, a friend of mine and I went to New York City. We were in Court Reporting School together and it was one of those week-long breaks during the school year. It must have been about October of 1990. Anyway, we were there to see her friend and my brother, Andy. There was a lot of city time planned and fanny packs were all the rage so you didn't have to worry about a purse. I believe I took one with me but this one I found from a street vendor and it was pleather, which I loved!

I was so excited about being pregnant that I had bought maternity clothes and that was my wardrobe even though I wasn't showing much at all. I remember wearing it under my maternity tops so that it would look like I was farther along than I really was. This is funny to me since now I look more pregnant than I really am - which is NOT AT ALL! One of my other goals during this time is to start walking. The weather outside is amazing and I live right by the park. What else do I have to do all day that I can't take an hour and exercise!

I have managed to get all of my office stuff that I brought home organized into "what I will take back when I get rehired" (thinking positive!) and what I can keep at home. My desk at work was very "lived in". People loved to come there to chat because it felt so welcoming. I found this out after I had taken most of it home. They would comment how lonely it felt in there. I got quite a bit of cleaning done today, but believe me I have plenty to keep me busy for the remainder of my time at home.

Today has been a better day. Yesterday was very hard for me emotionally. I just wanted to come home, get in bed and sleep for the rest of that Friday and get on to Saturday. I did come home and get in my jammies and get in bed, but I didn't sleep right away. When I did sleep it wasn't good sleep. It will be better tonight. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. I will keep you all posted!
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Andy Baker said...

I remember the color coordinated maternity outfits very well, but - alas - not the fanny pack. What I remember most is getting us on an access road along a highway that I thought would never end. AND I remember escorting you back to Staten Island after those girls went home without you. That was a fun trip. I feel like I barely knew you.