Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This has been the week of relaxation - for the kids, certainly not for me. Michael and Alyssa went camping Monday night. They left rather early on Monday morning and got home early evening on Tuesday. Ask both of them if they had a good time and they will both say "yes", but with varying degrees of happiness. Alyssa is definitely a camper. She loves to be outside and she loves nature. I think Michael could take it or leave it. He is definitely a lover of the comfort things in life, like a bed and a shower.

While they were gone and since I had to work, Ben and Jonathan stayed home during the day. (I went to work early and left early so I could be home mid-afternoon.) I gave Ben the task of "watching after" Jonathan while they were home. I knew they would sleep late, 10:00ish, all I could hope was that Jonathan wouldn't give Ben a hard time. Jonathan is usually the instigator in these arguments and Ben doesn't handle them well. He gets defensive quickly. I am happy to report that during those two days they had a great time. Ben is very much an outside kid so he got Jonathan to go to Bedford Boys Ranch both days. It is so easy since we live a block away, so why not go? Jonathan loves to be outside too, it's just getting him away from the Xbox that can be an issue sometimes. I guess he heard the sandbox calling his name!

Wednesday, Ben went to play golf with his dad, which always makes him happy. Michael hung out with - you guessed it - Ashleigh. He has been dog-sitting for Logan's family while they went out of town. It's given him a purpose for each day. Funny how that works. We have two dogs and a cat at our house but no one seems to want to take care of them. They would rather take care of other people's things. I guess that's how things work huh? Alyssa has been spending time with her friends again after a long sabbatical from friends and boy, let me tell you, she has jumped back in with both feet. It wears me out she's so hard to keep up with. She has gotten a babysitting job with a friend of her's little brother which has worked out really nice. The brother is 3 and he is in love with Alyssa. She typically will babysit on Saturdays, but she is going over there later today to stay with him while the mom goes out taking care of stuff, I guess. Jonathan has enjoyed playing with him Lego's and building things again. Even though he as a huge box full of them, he always wants to go get more. I guess we will be doing that later today.

I hate not being able to go anywhere while the kids are home for a week. Things are so uncertain at work. It's just not a good time to be out - for me anyway. I worked shorter days so that I could be home early and they wouldn't have to be cooped up in the house all day, but man, when I get home they have a list of things they want to go do. I am taking tomorrow off so that I will be available to taxi everyone around. I will have to find my happy place soon. We are getting letters next week. At least I will know my fate soon and can start looking ahead to the future.
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