Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Story

I went to a private kindergarten at church. My teacher was Mrs. Essary. She was OLD. Yes, I was five, but she was O-L-D. She would yell and bark orders a lot. On St. Patrick’s Day, just before we were to go home, she lined the entire class up and pinched anyone who was not wearing green. Go back to that morning, my mom couldn’t find anything green for me to wear so she put a green barrette in my hair. I was certain to feel safe in the pinching line. However, Mrs. Essary told me that wasn’t good enough and pinched me anyway! From that moment on, I NEVER-EVER-EVER went anywhere on St. Patrick’s Day without green on...until today. I have a green paperclip on my shirt because I completely wasn’t thinking about it this morning. I guess I am finally free from my fear of getting pinched again - sort of!

When my kids started school, I made it a point to dress them in green on this day. Let's be honest here, I did it even when they were babies. But it was much more important while they were in school. I was really tramatized by my experience and never wanted them to have that same experience. I have noticed for several years that St. Patrick's Day tends to fall during their Spring Break, which is always nice. I have a few things that are green and so do the kids, but it isn't as big an issue as it once was.

Mrs. Essary was mean. I remember my mom showing me where she lived one time and then we passed her house and my mom said she had died. I thought to myself "good riddens". Now, looking back, that was not a nice thing for me to think, but it's how I felt. One time we were supposed to bring the morning newspaper with us to class. It was a fairy small city at the time and pretty much everyone got the Mid-Cities paper on their lawn in the morning. It was a small, local paper. I walked in at the last minute and found one of the boys standing in the hall crying. I asked what was wrong and he was very upset that he had forgotten his newspaper. He went to hide in the restroom, but Mrs. Essary found him and spanked him for hiding. This was back when spanking was allowed and the teacher didn't even have to tell the parents that she had done it. I am really glad they don't do that now. I would have to hurt someone if they spanked my child.

Ok, I'm done for now. Check back for more interesting posts from The Nobles (I know who you are and I am glad you enjoy reading my posts! I love having an audience for my randomness!)
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Andy Baker said...

I have a completely different memory of Mrs. Essary. I remember her being stern, but not mean. I guess two years can ruin you - or she just missed me.