Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I know I need to but.....

Things happen in spurts around my house. Right now, there isn't a lot going on. It's almost spring which means Spring Break is around the corner. I would like to take a trip somewhere, but not sure if that's going to happen. We are getting the carpet replaced pretty soon, but I'm waiting on the installer to call. I am going to do major cleaning this weekend and Ben is going to mow the weeds in the backyard and get things cleaned up out there for me. Spring is definitely in the air.

Jonathan was very concerned about school last night and this morning because they are taking the writing portion of the TAKS test...or was it MAPS, I can't remember, but he doesn't like writing. He does well, he just doesn't write very fast nor can he come up with two pages worth of something to write about, unlike me who could babble about nothing for a long time. I told him to do his best. That's all anyone can ask. It will all work out. I will be so glad when they quit doing this testing. I know it has it's place, but I am just so tired of elementary school.

Work is not the best place to be right now if you have a tendency to be depressed. We are going through so many changes in upper management that now some of the people here don't really know who they are reporting to, who is on our team, times are just very uncertain. I know that no matter what happens, everything is going to work out. I can say that I honestly haven't thought much at all about if I am going to have a job tomorrow. I know that today I have a job and I am busy at work. I know my boss is busy which keeps me busy. It is very quiet around here. There are contractors who work on the other side of my cubical. They will be gone soon. All contractors will be gone soon. My title isn't supposed to exist, according to the owner's company policy. That is just a rumor I heard because there are still a lot of us around here. I think they may just change our titles...or they will lay us off. Other than that, I have no idea where we are headed. I believe that by the end of this month, all questions will be answered.

As for the picture, I took that at the Sushi restaurant that Michael, Ashleigh, Logan, Ben and I went for Michael's birthday celebration. It was an empty bottle of Saki and the two cups they gave me even though only one of us at the table was old enough to drink. Michael did have a sip, which could explain the picture at the bottom. He doesn't like alcohol, thank goodness. He just wants to remind himself now and then. That was a fun night. Older kids are fun in a different way than 10 year olds. It's closer to a grown-up dinner than pizza at CiCi's. The conversation is much different in the car and at the table. I enjoy having the age range that I have now. It's been a very interesting journey. I have enjoyed every stage of their lives and will continue to until the day I die.

Then on second thought....maybe it's not any different.
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