Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you ever?

So, I like to give blood. I do it every 59+ days because I can and it helps people. Two months ago, when I went to give blood, my blood pressure alarmed the nurse who was taking all my information and stuff. She said it was almost border-line where I might not be able to give. We went ahead and I did fine. Shortly after that day I gave up drinking so much Diet Coke. In fact, I went down to one a day, first thing when I wake up and that is it. Thursday night I went back to donate again. It had been 2 months and I was anxious to see if my blood pressure had improved. Well, it was 116/72 which is WAY better than it had been in a very long time so I was very pleased.

The problem was my iron. My iron wasn't low for a doctor but apparently Carter Bloodcare has high standards and mine was below the 12 points they would like to see. It was like 10.9 or something. I had recently started drinking more tea and stopped eating meat, except fish now and then, but mainly no meat at all. They assumed that my not eating meat and drinking tea was most likely the problem. I waited four days, laying off the tea and eating more fish (sort of) and went back yesterday. Again, better but not up to par. My iron was 11.1. Sigh....I now have a prick in my middle fingers on both hands and have yet to be able to donate. I am determined to make this work!!

As I was leaving I remembered my results from my bloodwork back in January. There was something mentioned about low hemoglobin and something else. (Side Note:I need to go back and find those results and follow up on that.) Today I thought, hmmmm, maybe I will google "low iron" and see what I come up with. Good Lord, why did I do that? Never google what your symptoms are - NEVER. This is what I found on WebMD. It was actually better than what I found when I searched for hemoglobin. My father is diabetic. I know there is a slight chance I could become diabetic, but I will take that up with my doctor later.

I have actually started feeling much better since I nixed the Diet Coke from the daiy intake and started eating more vegetables and fruit. Being tired all the time is supposed to be a symptom of low iron, but honestely, I have had quite a bit of energy lately. I know I'm getting older and all and I should be more aware of things going on inside me, but I just never get sick, miss work sick for sure, so it just seems to get put on the back burner.
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Andy Baker said...

I'm glad you're slowing down on the Diet Coke. I just read something on aspartame. It sounds pretty horrible. In my effort to eat less sugar, I eat more of that. I'm going to have to stop eating all those cough drops I like so much.