Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cats, Dogs and Birds

This is my cat, Lucy. She isn't an outside cat, but rather an inside/outside cat. It's Spring here and since my air conditioner downstairs went out last September, we are making do with open windows. The natural air and sunlight actually feel really good and I enjoy just the though of not have the air running 24/7. This has enable Lucy to wander in and out pretty much any time of the day or night - until we close the windows. Alyssa also figured out that the dogs will go in and out of one of the windows opened in the dining room, which means no accidents on the floor.

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, the dogs were going in and out, enjoying the sun outside. When we left for church, they were put in their kennel. When we got home from church, with lunch, ready to sit down and eat, Alyssa tells me that there is a dead bird on the couch - no head - at which point I decide to eat my lunch first. At least I will have something to throw up should I get that grossed out by the bird. As it turns out, it was just a bunch of feathers, which I can only figure out, means that there was a whole bird to begin with and now there are only feathers left.

I remember when I was growing up, we had cats and a dog - along with the rest of the farm in the backyard, quail, goats, chicken, roosters, rabbits, possums, skunks...need I go on? One morning as I was leaving for school, I walked out the front door to find that our cat had brought us a "gift" of a rat with a huge bite taken out of the stomach area. It completely freaked me out and I am sure I ran back in the house to tell my mom. My daughter probably would have taken a picture of it for her roadkill exhibit that she keeps on her phone. I can only hpe and pray that Lucy doesn't bring me anymore "gifts", otherwise, she will have to be kept inside.

Now she is walking around the house meowing at me. I wonder if she's mad that I took her "gift" from the couch or if her stomach hurts and she is about to puke and/or die of bird poisoning. I'll let you know.
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Andy Baker said...

I remember coming home from church to parakeet wings and feathers on living room floor. And you forgot the ducks. We had ducks. Miss you.

searching for life said...

Thank you for being my backup memory! I love you and miss you tons!