Friday, March 27, 2009

Opportunities Lay Ahead

This is where I would love to be right now. Not only is it beautiful, it's near my brother. I do envy him quite a bit, especially lately. For quite a while, he has sort of been able to work where and how he wants to work and he writes, really well. Now he may dispute this, but it's true. He has it really good in Amsterdam. He has a husband that truly loves him and supports him in his endeavors, and I love them both so much. I want to go be near them and forget what is going on around here.

Yesterday was the big day at work for me. I got a "letter" stating that they had (and I'm paraphrasing because I really didn't read much - just saw the last day I would be working there) eliminated my position and that April 6, 2009, would be my last day. I love my job. I love the people I work with and for. The thing that hurt me the most was knowing that I have never in my life enjoyed a job so much and enjoyed the people I work around are so great. We care about each other and we are friends outside of work. Will I have that again? Sure, you can say yes, but honestly, it is not normal to have such a wonderful job and work environment. I know it wasn't based on performance (Let's be honest. I am great at my job! LOL) but more about the reorganization of the company that has been coming for a long time.

If you read this very often, you know that I have been preparing for change. I just didn't know it was going to be like this and be so quick. They will have job posting on April 1, so I will apply for whatever I can. This is just an opportunity to either do something different or better. I have a very small list of things that I would LOVE to do, but I need to make money, so I have to look at something realistic. I am believing that something will be for me in those 40 jobs and I will only be out of work for a couple of weeks.

It was hard to tell my kids. I had mentioned the possibility to the older kids, but having to tell Jonathan that I was going to take him out of Extended Day for a month or more was hard. We will be fine. I just have to walk this walk and show them that I know that God hasn't brought us this far to just let us go. He saw me through when I was first divorced. Everything we have is because of Him. There are a multitude of opportunites for all of us ahead. This is just the beginning.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prime Real Estate and I'm not talking Houses

For about a year and a half now I have been washing laundry at the house and then taking everything, usually four baskets, to the laundromat to dry. Some would see this as a pain, and while it has been sometimes, I have actually come to enjoy it. It gets me out of the house when many times I would just sit there and watch TV and get nothing much done.

It is very interesting to watch people. There have been many story opportunities that I have not shared, that I remember. There are certainly times that are better than others to go, especially when you are just drying. Sunday afternoon - bad. Tuesday early evening - great! When you walk in and don't hear a single dryer going, you know you are gonna have a great night. The picture shows two of my dryers, corner slot right by the window AND a folding table. There was a broken one in between my four dryers, but that's normal. These dryers are actually stacked on top of each other, which is what I like most about this place. They have a lot of washers and dryers and they have an attendant that keeps it clean.

What is funny to me is to see people and their reactions to each other. For instance, yesterday I walked in and there was one lady folding clothes and another couple putting their wet clothes from the washer into the dryer. Apparently, I took their dryers because I got a look when she came over with wet clothes. It's funny how people (myself included) are so protective of certain dryers and folding tables.It's like you map out the plan when you get there. You are going to use these washing machines that are close to these dryers and it will make it all so much easier. What is really easy is just going when there is no one else there.

I tend to want to get a table right next to the dryers even though there are other ones on the other end of the isle. Besides, people are always going past you near the dryers and not so much at the other end so you would think those would be more desired. I have done both. If there are a lot of people there it really doesn't matter either way. You are gonna get in someones way. Someone is gonna think the laundromat is just for them and they will be irritated that all these other people are there at the same time.

Then there are the random kids that come in with people. Most of the time they are just allowed to run free screaming all the time and the parents (or grandparents sometimes) just don't care. As you can see, there are video games to occupy your time and candy machines for the kids to beg quarters for. I don't do video games or get candy. I like to read a book in my car or watch the TV. Last night they had President Obama on. I chose to go when he was speaking because I wanted to devote my TV time last night to the "Dancing with the Stars" dance off. I love this season. It's the best one in a long time! I have again digressed to my TV watching so I am going to go now. I will be back at the laundromat this weekend. Joy!
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cats, Dogs and Birds

This is my cat, Lucy. She isn't an outside cat, but rather an inside/outside cat. It's Spring here and since my air conditioner downstairs went out last September, we are making do with open windows. The natural air and sunlight actually feel really good and I enjoy just the though of not have the air running 24/7. This has enable Lucy to wander in and out pretty much any time of the day or night - until we close the windows. Alyssa also figured out that the dogs will go in and out of one of the windows opened in the dining room, which means no accidents on the floor.

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, the dogs were going in and out, enjoying the sun outside. When we left for church, they were put in their kennel. When we got home from church, with lunch, ready to sit down and eat, Alyssa tells me that there is a dead bird on the couch - no head - at which point I decide to eat my lunch first. At least I will have something to throw up should I get that grossed out by the bird. As it turns out, it was just a bunch of feathers, which I can only figure out, means that there was a whole bird to begin with and now there are only feathers left.

I remember when I was growing up, we had cats and a dog - along with the rest of the farm in the backyard, quail, goats, chicken, roosters, rabbits, possums, skunks...need I go on? One morning as I was leaving for school, I walked out the front door to find that our cat had brought us a "gift" of a rat with a huge bite taken out of the stomach area. It completely freaked me out and I am sure I ran back in the house to tell my mom. My daughter probably would have taken a picture of it for her roadkill exhibit that she keeps on her phone. I can only hpe and pray that Lucy doesn't bring me anymore "gifts", otherwise, she will have to be kept inside.

Now she is walking around the house meowing at me. I wonder if she's mad that I took her "gift" from the couch or if her stomach hurts and she is about to puke and/or die of bird poisoning. I'll let you know.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This has been the week of relaxation - for the kids, certainly not for me. Michael and Alyssa went camping Monday night. They left rather early on Monday morning and got home early evening on Tuesday. Ask both of them if they had a good time and they will both say "yes", but with varying degrees of happiness. Alyssa is definitely a camper. She loves to be outside and she loves nature. I think Michael could take it or leave it. He is definitely a lover of the comfort things in life, like a bed and a shower.

While they were gone and since I had to work, Ben and Jonathan stayed home during the day. (I went to work early and left early so I could be home mid-afternoon.) I gave Ben the task of "watching after" Jonathan while they were home. I knew they would sleep late, 10:00ish, all I could hope was that Jonathan wouldn't give Ben a hard time. Jonathan is usually the instigator in these arguments and Ben doesn't handle them well. He gets defensive quickly. I am happy to report that during those two days they had a great time. Ben is very much an outside kid so he got Jonathan to go to Bedford Boys Ranch both days. It is so easy since we live a block away, so why not go? Jonathan loves to be outside too, it's just getting him away from the Xbox that can be an issue sometimes. I guess he heard the sandbox calling his name!

Wednesday, Ben went to play golf with his dad, which always makes him happy. Michael hung out with - you guessed it - Ashleigh. He has been dog-sitting for Logan's family while they went out of town. It's given him a purpose for each day. Funny how that works. We have two dogs and a cat at our house but no one seems to want to take care of them. They would rather take care of other people's things. I guess that's how things work huh? Alyssa has been spending time with her friends again after a long sabbatical from friends and boy, let me tell you, she has jumped back in with both feet. It wears me out she's so hard to keep up with. She has gotten a babysitting job with a friend of her's little brother which has worked out really nice. The brother is 3 and he is in love with Alyssa. She typically will babysit on Saturdays, but she is going over there later today to stay with him while the mom goes out taking care of stuff, I guess. Jonathan has enjoyed playing with him Lego's and building things again. Even though he as a huge box full of them, he always wants to go get more. I guess we will be doing that later today.

I hate not being able to go anywhere while the kids are home for a week. Things are so uncertain at work. It's just not a good time to be out - for me anyway. I worked shorter days so that I could be home early and they wouldn't have to be cooped up in the house all day, but man, when I get home they have a list of things they want to go do. I am taking tomorrow off so that I will be available to taxi everyone around. I will have to find my happy place soon. We are getting letters next week. At least I will know my fate soon and can start looking ahead to the future.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Story

I went to a private kindergarten at church. My teacher was Mrs. Essary. She was OLD. Yes, I was five, but she was O-L-D. She would yell and bark orders a lot. On St. Patrick’s Day, just before we were to go home, she lined the entire class up and pinched anyone who was not wearing green. Go back to that morning, my mom couldn’t find anything green for me to wear so she put a green barrette in my hair. I was certain to feel safe in the pinching line. However, Mrs. Essary told me that wasn’t good enough and pinched me anyway! From that moment on, I NEVER-EVER-EVER went anywhere on St. Patrick’s Day without green on...until today. I have a green paperclip on my shirt because I completely wasn’t thinking about it this morning. I guess I am finally free from my fear of getting pinched again - sort of!

When my kids started school, I made it a point to dress them in green on this day. Let's be honest here, I did it even when they were babies. But it was much more important while they were in school. I was really tramatized by my experience and never wanted them to have that same experience. I have noticed for several years that St. Patrick's Day tends to fall during their Spring Break, which is always nice. I have a few things that are green and so do the kids, but it isn't as big an issue as it once was.

Mrs. Essary was mean. I remember my mom showing me where she lived one time and then we passed her house and my mom said she had died. I thought to myself "good riddens". Now, looking back, that was not a nice thing for me to think, but it's how I felt. One time we were supposed to bring the morning newspaper with us to class. It was a fairy small city at the time and pretty much everyone got the Mid-Cities paper on their lawn in the morning. It was a small, local paper. I walked in at the last minute and found one of the boys standing in the hall crying. I asked what was wrong and he was very upset that he had forgotten his newspaper. He went to hide in the restroom, but Mrs. Essary found him and spanked him for hiding. This was back when spanking was allowed and the teacher didn't even have to tell the parents that she had done it. I am really glad they don't do that now. I would have to hurt someone if they spanked my child.

Ok, I'm done for now. Check back for more interesting posts from The Nobles (I know who you are and I am glad you enjoy reading my posts! I love having an audience for my randomness!)
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainy, Rainy Week

It has been gloomy all week and finally started raining Wednesday very early in the morning. The thunderstorms were so loud when this all started and I'm not really sure that it has completely stopped raining since then. I am sure it must have but the last two mornings my commute to work has been very wet. I don't like driving in the rain much. I feel very out of control on the highway.

I like the rain just wish I could be home in bed not doing anything but listening to the raindrops fall. The kids haven't been doing their normal routine because of the rain, which just puts a damper on everything. It is so interesting to me to hear other people's perspective on rain. It would definitely depend on what part of the country you live in. For instance, when I was in NYC this summer, I was caught in a torrential downpour with no way out until I finally made it back to the hotel. For me, that was absolutely no fun at all. It had already been a long day, and I was tired as it was. I was completely soaked all the way through my clothes, so much so that they were still wet when I packed my suitcase to leave the next day.

In Texas, you don't have to deal with things like being caught in the rain. My brother, Andy, lives in Amsterdam and rides a bike, walks and occassionally takes the metro around. He has "rain gear" that he wears when he rides his bike. I suppose with his 14+ years in New York City and his 5 years in Amsterdam, he has gotten used to being outside in the rain. I can only hope that I would get used to it as well.

I had to get out of my car to get gas this morning and it was under covering and I hated it. I am almost never out in the elements during the work week. I get in my car that is in the garage. I get out of my car in the parking garage that is underground. I hardly ever wear a coat unless I think I might be going outside during the day. I eat in the deli in the building so I literally never get out in the elements. Ok, maybe when I pick Jonathan up from school, but other than that...

Wow, just writing that makes me think I would be a mess in a disaster! I honestly don't mind getting wet and dirty and all that if I am prepared prior to the actually event. Getting stuck out in the rain in nice clothes or mowing the lawn just after I had a shower and put on nice, clean clothes - that is different.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you ever?

So, I like to give blood. I do it every 59+ days because I can and it helps people. Two months ago, when I went to give blood, my blood pressure alarmed the nurse who was taking all my information and stuff. She said it was almost border-line where I might not be able to give. We went ahead and I did fine. Shortly after that day I gave up drinking so much Diet Coke. In fact, I went down to one a day, first thing when I wake up and that is it. Thursday night I went back to donate again. It had been 2 months and I was anxious to see if my blood pressure had improved. Well, it was 116/72 which is WAY better than it had been in a very long time so I was very pleased.

The problem was my iron. My iron wasn't low for a doctor but apparently Carter Bloodcare has high standards and mine was below the 12 points they would like to see. It was like 10.9 or something. I had recently started drinking more tea and stopped eating meat, except fish now and then, but mainly no meat at all. They assumed that my not eating meat and drinking tea was most likely the problem. I waited four days, laying off the tea and eating more fish (sort of) and went back yesterday. Again, better but not up to par. My iron was 11.1. Sigh....I now have a prick in my middle fingers on both hands and have yet to be able to donate. I am determined to make this work!!

As I was leaving I remembered my results from my bloodwork back in January. There was something mentioned about low hemoglobin and something else. (Side Note:I need to go back and find those results and follow up on that.) Today I thought, hmmmm, maybe I will google "low iron" and see what I come up with. Good Lord, why did I do that? Never google what your symptoms are - NEVER. This is what I found on WebMD. It was actually better than what I found when I searched for hemoglobin. My father is diabetic. I know there is a slight chance I could become diabetic, but I will take that up with my doctor later.

I have actually started feeling much better since I nixed the Diet Coke from the daiy intake and started eating more vegetables and fruit. Being tired all the time is supposed to be a symptom of low iron, but honestely, I have had quite a bit of energy lately. I know I'm getting older and all and I should be more aware of things going on inside me, but I just never get sick, miss work sick for sure, so it just seems to get put on the back burner.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I know I need to but.....

Things happen in spurts around my house. Right now, there isn't a lot going on. It's almost spring which means Spring Break is around the corner. I would like to take a trip somewhere, but not sure if that's going to happen. We are getting the carpet replaced pretty soon, but I'm waiting on the installer to call. I am going to do major cleaning this weekend and Ben is going to mow the weeds in the backyard and get things cleaned up out there for me. Spring is definitely in the air.

Jonathan was very concerned about school last night and this morning because they are taking the writing portion of the TAKS test...or was it MAPS, I can't remember, but he doesn't like writing. He does well, he just doesn't write very fast nor can he come up with two pages worth of something to write about, unlike me who could babble about nothing for a long time. I told him to do his best. That's all anyone can ask. It will all work out. I will be so glad when they quit doing this testing. I know it has it's place, but I am just so tired of elementary school.

Work is not the best place to be right now if you have a tendency to be depressed. We are going through so many changes in upper management that now some of the people here don't really know who they are reporting to, who is on our team, times are just very uncertain. I know that no matter what happens, everything is going to work out. I can say that I honestly haven't thought much at all about if I am going to have a job tomorrow. I know that today I have a job and I am busy at work. I know my boss is busy which keeps me busy. It is very quiet around here. There are contractors who work on the other side of my cubical. They will be gone soon. All contractors will be gone soon. My title isn't supposed to exist, according to the owner's company policy. That is just a rumor I heard because there are still a lot of us around here. I think they may just change our titles...or they will lay us off. Other than that, I have no idea where we are headed. I believe that by the end of this month, all questions will be answered.

As for the picture, I took that at the Sushi restaurant that Michael, Ashleigh, Logan, Ben and I went for Michael's birthday celebration. It was an empty bottle of Saki and the two cups they gave me even though only one of us at the table was old enough to drink. Michael did have a sip, which could explain the picture at the bottom. He doesn't like alcohol, thank goodness. He just wants to remind himself now and then. That was a fun night. Older kids are fun in a different way than 10 year olds. It's closer to a grown-up dinner than pizza at CiCi's. The conversation is much different in the car and at the table. I enjoy having the age range that I have now. It's been a very interesting journey. I have enjoyed every stage of their lives and will continue to until the day I die.

Then on second thought....maybe it's not any different.
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