Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who Thought Up Valentine's Day Anyway?

(I'm Viola)

Don't answer the question, I really don't care. I have always NOT liked the holiday. As in my last post, I have never been showered with gifts on February 14, yet I would put expectations on whoever I was dating at the time to take my breath away with something wonderful. Other than elementary school, I remember one Valentine's Day when I was dating my ex-husband. I had planned ahead and gotten him something for Valentine's Day. I thought for sure he would bring me something wonderful so I had my gift all set up at my apartment for him when he walked in. What did he get me? Nothing. He completely forgot. I was completely crushed. Yes, I had also completely set myself up for the fall and didn't take it well at all. All in all, I believe the night ended fine, but I have not been a big fan of the holiday.

Are we trained as little girls that this is some magical holiday? I wish they didn't even celebrate it at school, but they do. Why is this one day a year set aside for love? Shouldn't we love our significant other/friends and family all the year long? I have watched my oldest son go to large measure to please his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. I wondered with the last girlfriend if he ever measured up. This one I am pretty sure will be happy with whatever he does. She is a very grounded girl who seems to just love my son in all his loveliness. What bothers me the most is all the commercials and media junk about what you, as a woman, should expect from your partner on this one special day of the year. It feeds wrong ideas into girls AND boys heads alike and it really makes me sick for my own children.

I spent this Valentine's Day working at my very very part time second job and have come home to a glass of wine and a good book. I like being alone, honestly. It does get lonely at certain times, but I can usually get over it pretty quickly and get my mind on other things. And please don't think I am just jealous of the women who are showered with roses and jewelry. I am not a jewelry person and flowers die. Love me all year long. That would make me happier than anything in the world. To make the day that much more "special" I am reading the book "The Truth About Cheating" just to get me in the spirit. It's actually really good. If I am ever to get remarried, I just want to know that what I think in my head is on par for what the experts say.

So - Happy V-Day to you all.
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Anonymous said...

Ah well... It's a fun day for some people, and that's okay. For others, it's not, and that's okay too.

It's like Mother's Day. That's a big day for a whole lot of people. But for me, it's a non-day. Once my own mother passed on in 1993, Mother's Day has barely gotten noticed on my calendar unless something like a radio commercial reminds me that it's today. Ditto with Father's Day.

On the other hand, I go all out for things such as All Saints' Day, Thanksgiving, and St. Vincent's Day. Easter's a big day for me, although I don't bother with Easter bunnies and colored eggs. (This Easter will be my confirmation and first communion, so it really will be a big deal this year.)

I'm Scottish descent, so St. Andrew's Day has some significance, although I never really got into the whole Burns Night thing. But people always get Scottish and Irish mixed up and expect me to go all out on St. Patrick's Day, which also barely get's noticed on my calendar.

Most year's I don't pay any attention to Valentine's Day. Truthfully, the only reminder I've had of it this year is your blog. :-)

Andy Baker said...

I gave Fred a ball of black wool with a half finger knit. He wants some gloves. He gave me...well, he doesn't really like Valentine's Day. (It's American and imported.) He doesn't get it like we do. So instead, he loves me the whole year long. I can live with that. Happy Valentines Day.