Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Memories

I still have one child that is in elementary school and has to go through the whole decorated Valentine's bag and cards. His question to me last night as he was addressing his Spiderman cards was, "Do I have to give one to everyone? Even those people I don't like?" My Answer, "Yes honey, even the ones you don't like. Everyone needs a Valentine's card from everyone in your class." This brought back so many memories of my own elementary Valentine's Days.

I wasn't a popular kid in elementary. I was chunky and had large glasses. I hadn't hit the pretty stage until the summer. 7th grade was much better - actually junior high and high school were good. Elementary school was like a popularity contest gone very bad for me. I had friends and yes some of them were considered popular. They were my friends because of where I lived. It was luck, pure luck. I do remember, though,in probably 5th and 6th grade mostly, but we would decorate our bags in class and then hang them up under the chalkboard at the front of the classroom. On Valentine's Day, or the day we had our party, they would have groups of kids go up front and deliver their cards to their friends. Maybe back then it wasn't as politically correct as it is now, but I don't think you necessarily were encouraged to give a card to everyone no matter what the friendship status. I remember the popular kids giving each other large candy boxes and "extras" with their cards. If I got something, it was usually just the basic card. I was always jealous. (I will continue this story on Valentine's Day. I know you can't wait!)

For some reason, now we have to decorate the bags at home. I hate this because 1.) I don't usually have lots of crafty stuff around the house and 2.) It's just a pain. So I am at the grocery store last night just looking for glitter or stickers or something to decorate this bag with. What I find is candy hearts for a cake. There were also window clings, which I could have made work. I asked Alyssa what she thought. She picked the candy hearts. I figure he's a boy, he isn't going to want to go super cute or anything so this should work out just fine.

The hearts remind me of the time, shortly after my parents divorced, that my dad was having a birthday. I want to say it was his 60th but I don't know for sure. I wanted to do something special for him. His mom passed away shortly before he turned 9 and I thought he probably never really had a good birthday or a special cake and if he had, it was before she was gone. So, I made him a cake and bought one of those candy things like the hearts except for birthdays. I think it had a clown on it and I spelled out his name. Anyway, I just remember wanting to make his day special. I hope it did. I don't even know if he remembers that day.

Jonathan and his sister finished the bag in a very quick manner. They ate more of the hearts than they glued onto the bag. She likes cemetric but he had other plans and reasons for where the hearts went. As soon as I got it in my room to put in his bag, the cat started trying to eat the candies. I hope it made it to school in one piece!

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, when I was little in school and kids handed out those cards, I always ended up with Valentine's cards with nothing written in them. (I think I got the leftovers.)

I remember my mom, when she was alive, would buy me a box of Russell Stover's Nut, Crisp and Chewy for Valentine's.

Alas, I never got anything from any guy for Valentine day. No, that's not true. One year, a male co-worker gave all of us boxes of candy, and I got one too.

Oh well. No biggie this year. Got too much going on in my life to think about Valentine's Day, especially with the upcoming reception into Catholicism. But there were years off and on in my life where Valentine's Day was the day for me to be all lonely and self-pitying! Those years are the absolute pits!