Friday, February 20, 2009

Remember the Monkey

This is a picture of a $5 wind-up clapping/walking monkey that my son just HAD to have from the local bookstore. We were in there a few weeks ago getting come books for his brothers for school. At the check out, they have all these stupid little gadgets that make small children go "OOOh I want that!" At first I thought, "Oh that's cute. How much does it cost?" When I turned it over and saw the $5 price tag, I said, "No way." Even though he had birthday money, I just felt it was my duty as is parent to not allow him to buy something so fragile and expensive. I assured him that he would get it home and forget about it almost immediately, the dogs would chew it up and he would be sad. His money would be better spent on something else.

As children are, he was persistent in asking about the monkey. A few days later I gave in and told him that is his Nana would drive him back to the store, he could get it, but he would be sorry he wasted his money (just had to get that in there!!!!)When he came back with the monkey, he immediately found that it wouldn't clap and walk when he wound it up. Not saying I was right, I just grunted. A few days ago, I went up in the boy's room to do a small bit of cleaning and guess what I found under the desk? The little monkey. Completely forgotten about.

This reminded me of all the things my kids just HAD to have throughout the years, ok probably me too, that, once they are in your hand, you play with for a little bit and then you completely forget about them. I want to use this moneky to remind me to look at things more closely. Do I have to have it? Can I live without it? Is there an alternative to what it is I think I have to have? The older kids don't tend to make impulse buys so much anymore, but Jonathan does. He's just at that age. I do my best to temper his spending when it comes to gift money.

I will just tell him "Remeber the Monkey?"

Thank you Andy for suggesting this as a blog.
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