Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Driver

When Michael was born, I was 23 years old. When Alyssa was born, I was 25 years old. When Benjamin was born, I was 26 years old. At the time, all I could think of was diapers, bottles, naps and potty training. I remember when I was pregnant with Ben, I was hoping for a boy for many reasons, but mainly because when she turned 16, I didn't want her little sister complaining that she had to ride with her older sister everywhere. All I could picture was two girls fighting all the time. That was my image of having a sister. I am sure there are good points, but I never had one so I don't know.

I didn't think about future costs for things like school, band and driving, mainly because I couldn't see that far into the future. There was never the thought of how would I provide a car for these kids. It never REALLY dawned on me that they would be driving almost simultaneously. I mean, I think I thought about it but it wasn't something I took into consideration. Come to think of it, I didn't take conception into consideration, it just happened. I think now about this woman in California who just gave birth to eight (yes 8) babies. She has six other children, all conceived through invetro and all under the age of 8, I believe. And she is single and only 33. Wow, I thought I had it tough.

So, right now I have an almost 18 year old who is without a car, but that will be solved soon. Then there is my daughter who is literally counting the days until her 16th birthday. Yesterday, in the mail, I received a letter from the junior high with information for Benjamin to get registered for driver's ed that will start in March. He won't even be 15 until May 27th, but they start the after school classes in March. That will last a week. Then he will do the classroom/driving classes in June. That will be the whole month and he will get his driver's permit then too. I have been taking him out to the high school parking lot or stadium parking lot to drive around and get a little used to it before he starts driving for school. He has driven golf carts quite a bit so he is actually pretty good and confident.

When I text him yesterday to tell him what I received in the mail, I think he thought he needed to turn it in immediately or he would never EVER drive. He wanted me to bring it to him right away so he can turn it into the school and start class. I am going to take it today along with a copy of all the information. I mentioned it to Michael and Alyssa last night and Michael's reaction - "Another one? That's too many drivers!" Really? Yeah, I didn't think about that until just now.

PS - Just so he doesn't feel left out, I was 31 when Jonathan was born. He won't be driving for another 5 years.
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