Monday, February 23, 2009

MY Mental Health Day

The kids were out of school today for teacher inservice. It wasn't on President's Day, probably, because the high school just finished their trimester, so that wouldn't have worked out for them. I decided to take my floating holiday today instead of using it when I usually do - December 26. That is the day the kids are exchanged for Christmas. This year that day falls on a Saturday so I decided to take it early. Plus. if Hilton decides to eliminate my position, I won't lose that day.

I slept until 11:15, which was wonderful. I haven't slept that late in quite a while, except the one Sunday I was sick and that wasn't enjoyable. After I got up, I made Jonathan and I some oatmeal from a mix we got at church yesterday. The kid's church was passing them out and we ended up with two. It was really good. Then I put on a baseball cap and headed out to find Ben. He played in a golf tournament with the high school today. (I will be posting about this next.) It was his first one and I wanted to go pick him up since I had the day off. It was a perfect opportunity to do what I like to do and be there for my kids.

It is an absolute beautiful day here today. The sun is out and the wind is blowing, which is a nice combination if the wind isn't blowing TOO hard. Michael has gone to spend the day with Ashleigh - no surprise there. Alyssa is here with me and Jonathan and Ben went to his golf friend's house to spend the afternoon resting. So far the day has been wonderful. I am just not going to let myself get stressed.
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