Sunday, February 22, 2009

LD Bell High School Jazz Showcase 2009

Michael took Jazz Band this last tri and his "final", along with the rest of the class, was Friday night. I think it has to be the most enjoyable concert I have been to in all my years of school concerts. The music was amazing and the kids in that band are so incredibly talented that it was just truly fun to listen to them play.

Song List
Satin Doll...........Duke Ellington
Chameleon............Herbie Hancock (video)
In Her Family........Pat Metheny
In The Mood..........Joe Garland

I was so excited for Michael because he wanted to take this class last year but couldn't fit it into his schedule. He is the trumpet player in the back on the right of the picture at the top (Thanks to his Grandy for providing the picture). He is such a talented musician, as are his sister, Alyssa, and brother, Benjamin. Jonathan is starting to have a true love of music himself - finally! We all truly enjoyed the concert. I was taking a class at church this weekend, so that night I had to meet at church, leave and rush up to the school for the concert and then get back to church to finish the class. It was definitely worth it.

I wish I had videoed more than one song, but I haven't videoed much with my camera, so I wasn't sure what to do.
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