Tuesday, February 24, 2009

High School Golf Tournament

Ben recently joined the high school junior varsity golf team. He is in 9th grade at the junior high, but because it is technically high school, he still has the opportunity to try out with the high school team. He goes almost every day after school, with his new friend Sam, to a country club in Fort Worth and gets free practice and lessons. It is something he has needed and has been looking forward to for so long.

At 3, he picked up a club out of a set that Michael had gotten from a friend so they were small, and hit it like a champ. It sounds crazy, but he has had a swing since this very young age. When his dad would take him to play golf, people would stop them and ask how old he was, always commenting on what a great swing he has. He has had a huge desire to play for a long time. Money has always been an issue because it is very expensive to have golf lessons. This has just been a long time coming.

Yesterday, while all of the other kids were sleeping in (me included) he went up to the country club at 6:45am and tee'd off at 7:15am for his first ever golf tournament. He was so excited about it that I took him out this weekend and bought him a new outfit. Luckily Kohl's was having a sale and I found a golf jacket on clearance that will last him a couple of years, unless he grows a lot before next season, which, the way he has been growing, is highly likely.

I talked to his dad about noon to find out if he was still up there and where it was exactly. He told me that Ben wasn't playing his best and was getting frustrated. That works for football or basketball, but with golf you really have to channel your frustration and not let it get away with you because it will always hurt you and never helps. When I got there they were almost done so I waited in the car for them to get back to the clubhouse.

He was excited to see me and pretty proud of the outcome of his game. Since it was his first tournament and his first time playing this course, he was happy with his 103. I was too, of course, because he is my son and I am always proud of him. His friend Sam is a great influence for him. He seems really grounded, which is really good for Ben. He is hard on himself and it takes a lot for him to clam down and understand it's a game and it's about learning more than it's about winning. He isn't making any money right now, so learning what he can will help him get on the varsity team next year. I just hope there isn't a conflict with band in the spring. I don't think there will be, but we are checking on that.
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Andy Baker said...

I'm so glad that Ben is getting the opportunity to do more golfing. I know he's always really enjoyed that. He sounds very motivated. I don't think I was every able to get up without Mom's assistance.