Monday, January 12, 2009

Update on Last Post

So, I went to the doctor. She didn't really have an answer for me except that she wanted to do a blood test for Lupus (yeah right), low iron (I know that's not it) and possibly arthritis. I know it's not low iron because I have that checked when I go to give blood, which I did about 3 weeks ago. Everything was fine. I don't know about the arthritis thing, but I went for the blood work anyway. I haven't gotten the results back yet.

Self-medicating and diagnosing myself, I decided to go full-on and cut back on the Diet Coke. Friday was the beginning with nothing after the doctor, probably since lunch actually. Since Saturday, I have only have one 12 oz. can in the morning - much like people have their morning coffee. I have had water or Gatorade or tea but no Diet Coke. For the first time in MONTHS I woke up without a headache and had no body aches pretty much most of the day.

This morning I tried the SOBE Life Water - Passion Fruit. It was pretty good - better than just plain water. They sell Vitamin Water downstairs in the deli shop, but I am going to check on the Life Water too. I made some Green Tea from the breakroom coffemaker here at work. It's pretty good, too - and it's FREE!

I now have to make an impact on my kids. Honestly, they drink more water than soda, mainly because I have chosen not to have anything but Diet Coke at the house. I used to keep Dr. Pepper now and then, but I noticed that it was gone way too quickly, so I quit supplying it. Plus, I would find half a can lying around after days because "whoever" didn't want to finish it. It was a waste of money. Friday, when I was telling a friend on the phone about cutting back on DC, Alyssa says "Yeah, right. Good luck with that." I was happy to announce to her that I had two all weekend. I think she was impressed.

So to all those people who told me for years and years how bad Diet Coke was for me, I am finally convinced. Sobe Life Water is my new thing. I hope it's not too expensive to keep in stock. I have invested in Coca-Cola for long enough. It's on to something else.
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Andy Baker said...

I'm sure you remember the cases and cases of crap sodas that Dad would keep in stock at the house and the office. I would spend entire days in the summer doing nothing but drinking them. I'm surprised I managed to obtain the height of a full grown man. And on that self-diagnosis thing, I think we're well qualified to diagnose ourselves. (I do it all the time.) After all, our father is a doctor.

Thanks folks, I'm here all week.