Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolution....#1??

I unknowingly have resolved to get rid of stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I blogged about it...probably the last blog. It's my kids fault. No, it's probably my parents fault. Well, sort of both. I come from parents who came from parents from the depression. My dad's family was very poor growing up, his mom died way before her time. My mom's mom saved EVERYTHING. I mean, she bought Viva papertowels and would use them, rinse them out and lay them out on the counter to dry and use again. When we cleaned out her house, we found a lot of treasures and probably threw away valuable things, but there was so much stuff. My mom didn't save any clothing - honestly not much of anything from our childhood.

The result of this has been that I have saved a lot of stuff from my four children. Michael being the first child probably has more than anyone, but there are things like clothes that they wore (just certain outfits) and cards, notes written to them from relatives, papers that they made...I have boxes and boxes of this stuff. I have even gone through this stuff before, several times over the last 15ish years. I just managed to go through it again this past weekend. I do better each time, getting rid of silly things like every single Casa Mana children's program of every single show we ever went to times three children, plus tickets. Who wants that? It was something silly I thought they would want to see later. They don't.

I do have a box or two for each child that they will have the opportunity to go through in time. I will let them make the decision as to what they want to keep and what they don't. Ok, honestly, I will have to keept anything they want to toss and I really want to keep but they will take away the majority of my "stuff"! All of this stuff is in the garage at the moment. I want to eventually get it all upstairs in their closets. We will see what happens.
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