Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Baby Turns 10 Today

Today was Jonathan's 10th Birthday. Today was also the day my mom had major surgery, so it was a little complicated getting everyone taken care of, but it got done! The picture above is the four boys in a tree in our front yard. There is, from left to right, Chris, Jonathan, Jason and Spencer. These are what Jonathan refers to as his only friends. I always tell him it's better to have a few really good friends than a lot of not so good friends.

I picked him up early from Extended Day, came home and we got ready for his friends to arrive. They all got here about 5:00 and played for a bit and then we headed to CiCi's for some pizza. I had gotten tickets to an advanced screening of "Hotel for Dogs" from work but it was specific - January 14, 7:30 at the Cinemark on 635. I go by it every day on my way in to the office so I knew where it was. The trick was making sure his friend's parents were ok with going on a school night and me driving them to Dallas.

In case anyone is wondering, a group of four 10 year old boys really isn't that much different than a group of 10 year old girls. I swear the conversation in the restaurant was so loud. They were lauging and talking the whole time - all the way to the movies. I called my friend, Suzanne, who was meeting us at the theater and she made a comment on how loud it was in the car. I am kinda used to it - kinda.

The movie was really cute and a little sad in parts. We all had a really good time and I think the boys were happy to go. I just can't believe my little baby is already 10, but then again, I'm glad. I am happy that they are all getting older and more independent. I loved them as baby, but each stage seems to get better.

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Andy Baker said...

OMG. They sort of scream "Stand By Me." Have you read that? It's actually called "The Body" and it's in Different Seasons by Stephen King. Not gory at all. A great read. Glad he had a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The boys look like they're having a blast! Well, happy birthday to Jonathan.

Were you at the CiCi's near Harwood and Central (that's close to where I live actually)? If so, I know what it's like to show up when there are a LOT of kids there. Although in my case, it tended to be high school kids on Friday night. Very noisy. Lots of energy! (My sister would come over on Fridays and we'd sometimes eat there.)

I'll keep your mom in my prayers.