Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Ma'am - Please Step AWAY from the Sausage"

This is my best friend, Missy. I met her just going on five years ago - shortly after my divorce was final. We met online through my boyfriend at the time. He met her in a chat room and thought that we would be great friends. I think he thought he would benefit from this relationship, but he was sadly mistaken. I didn't like her the first night we met, but after talking for a few weeks online, I realized I really liked her a lot. Then, I dumped him and I have been hangin' with her ever since. We have been through SOOO much together. It's odd to think that we have been friend for just five years and at the same time, wow! it's been five years?

Her boyfriend, Brad, and she own a home together in Fort Worth. They are into very different music than I prefer, but they are my friends and I love hanging out with them. Last night they had a CD listening party. The CD was The Flamming Lips. It wasn't just any album. This album came with four CD's that you play on four different stereos in the four corner's of a room simultaneously. They were all started at the same time so that you are hearing the same song, different parts on each stereo, at the same time. Make sense? Anyway, it was really fun. They had about 7 lava lamps in one corner of the room with an oil lamp projector playing on another wall, lights out and this music playing. It was relaxing and interesting to be a part of. No, there were no drugs involved!

Snacks for the evening were chips and dip, Cowboytini's and this sausage loaf that Missy's mom makes and I just cannot keep myself away from. It's ridiculous how much I love this stuff. I mean ridiculous. I almost made myself sick eating off of it all night. I finally had to gain some self-control and just walk away. This is my eating issue. I find something that I just LOVE and can't stop eating it before I make myself sick. It's as though something in my brain says "you will never EVER be able to eat this again so go ahead and eat up." This has always been my problem. Getting healthy is looking like my New Year's Resolution #4.

The kids are with their dad this weekend. It has been very relaxing and VERY cold. Mom and I went to dinner with a friend of mine on Friday night. I worked out at TV on Saturday and Sunday is church. I am trying a new Sunday School class and then continuing my Alpha class on Sunday night. It's been another good weekend.
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