Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Hospital Experience

My mom had a pretty major yet common surgery yesterday. On the whole, I don't really care for hospitals and nurses all up in your business, but I have to say, the nurses at HEB Hospital are pretty nice and very understanding about the patient and guests and stuff. We were in the women's center part of the hospital, so it was just more caring all around. My mom is a very private person. It was hard enough to get her to the doctor to get this taken care of. She was a real trooper through the whole thing. That afternoon and the next day were a little trying on all of us, but she is home now and doing much better.

I had Michael in the hospital and I was there for five days. I never want to do that again. That's a huge part of the reason I had the other kids at home. I am not good with people telling me what they think is best for me or my kids. I got real tired of it after a few days. Having my other babies at home was such a calming, wonderful experience for all of us. There wasn't that rush to get to the hospital. Yes, there was pain involved, but honestly, it was all worth it. Do I want to do it again? NO! Never again, but because I was younger then. I don't have the pain tolerance for it in my "old age".

When you have a baby at home, things go at your pace. The midwife will stay as long as you need her. One may ask, what if another client goes into labor? I don't know. That never happened to me. The midwife does have a partner that I assume would probably go to the other person's house, but I was fortunate enough to have them both there all three times. We get to hold the baby immediately. They are never taken away (this could be good AND bad). My other kids were there, running around, in their own home, not at a hospital being confined and hushed. I know not everyone wants to do this, but it certainly is an option.

I can almost guarantee you that my daughter will be at the hospital with an epidural at the first possible chance...and I will be there by her side holding her hand. I remember when I was pregnant with Jonathan and we showed the other kids their own birth videos (yes they exist and no they aren't anywhere on the internet). Alyssa was 5 years old. She asked me if there was another way to get a baby. I told her there was adoption. She went around for a while saying, "I'm gonna dopt a baby!" It dawned on me that I needed to tell her there were hospitals with pain medicine, too!
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