Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Day Of Ice

Texas weather is very confusing. There is a saying: "If you don't like the weather today, just wait for tomorrow." That is so true here in Texas. This is the first time in 2009 for icy weather, but not this winter. I am always confused as to why my company chooses to close. The weather is supposed to get worse throughout the day and I feel much better being at home and not having to travel the highways to get home or to work. But there was a day not long ago that the roads were already icy and the offices were open for normal business hours. I stayed home and worked from my computer as much as possible. Today, I was all set to go out the door because it was just raining and the ice wasn't coming until later this afternoon. For some reason, I decided to call the inclement weather line and found out that they had shut the offices for the day.

The kids have school, but if they close I am right here to go get them. I am cleaning here and there and catching up on my DVR recordings. It's nice to be home alone when I'm supposed to be at work. Why is it different than just a normal Saturday? It's like skipping school, but I was told I could stay home.

Skip ahead two days - this is where I am today - at the office. The joke around here is that they switched the day that we should have closed and the day we should have opened late. Tuesday we were told to stay home. The big ice storm didn't hit until that night. Granted, a lot of us would have had a harder time getting home, but at least we could have come in during the morning hours. Wednesday the schools were closed and our offices opened late. The roads were completely covered with ice and I wasn't about to venture out until the sun came out and melted the roads enough that I felt safe. I really needed to come in, though, because people in other parts of the US didn't seem to understand that I don't have access to my files at home and can't just send them any request they may have for the day. I wanted them off my back and out of my email inbox!

Jonathan woke up yesterday and wanted to go play in the "snow". We don't ever really get snow-snow except maybe once a year and that can be very random - like Valentine's Day 2004 or Easter 2006. One just never knows when the snow will fall. So I let my little sweety went outside and started trying to chisel away at whatever he was attracted to at the moment. He was completely fascinated with the frozen weed, the ice from the basketball hoop (all of which is living in my freezer for a little bit. I have to convince him sooner than later that these things need to go, but for now, they are in my freezer.)

Having seen my brother's winter pictures from Amsterdam and having experienced just a small bit of the winter cold there, ours is nothing to compare, but it is Texas and we get ice, not snow, ice. If it's snow, it's got a layer of ice underneath (minus the Valentine's Day of 2004. That was complete snow.) When we were small children, we had wonderful snow, from what I remember. I have pictures to prove it. We could make snow angels and everything. But, I assume due to some global warming, it isn't as wonderful as it used to be. None-the-less, we have had a little time off work and school, but now it's back to business as usual.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the weather's been wacky, that's for sure. Hot one day, cold the next. One day we have the AC on, the next we're skating on ice.

Tuesday, I was a work all day, but we really kept our eyes and ears on the weather. I had to scrape ice off my car when I got off work at 5:30 p.m. And I skidded a bit on that Glade Rd. overpass at 360 just west of the Airport.

Yesterday (Wednesday), the really bad morning, I didn't leave home for work until about 10:30 a.m., and got to work about 11:30. The rest of the day was normal, but now I'm going to be docked two hours' pay. Bummer!

I love cold weather, but I can do without the ice.

Andy Baker said...

I was like, "What winter pictures was she talking about?" Then I said, "Oh yeah! The canals froze and it was colder than [insert a metaphor here] for two friggin' weeks. It's still cold. It's cold one day and cold the next. We're having a real winter, but no snow. Maybe in February.