Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas Plans

It is the week of Christmas and I am working 2.5 days and will be off 2.5 days. The kids are with Steve and have been since Friday. They will come back to my house on the 26th and we will celebrate Christmas and have a wonderful time together. (On a side note, Chris and I are not together anymore. My decision. It wasn't easy. He's a great guy but he wasn't what I was looking for.) This means that I will be spending another Christmas without my kids. For the first time since my divorce I am ok with that. I had made plans for myself and I will follow through with those plans and I will have a great time! I have lots of friends and I have my kids who love and appreciate me. I really can't ask for more right now. I am in a good place and I am blessed.

Wednesday afternoon we are off work and I will be heading to Southlake to do some last minute Christmas shopping and pampering and then I will be staying the night at the Hilton Southlake (Thank you, Renee!). Suzanne may come out and have dinner with me since her husband is working that night. I may go to their house Christmas morning to have breakfast with them and then head home for the day and just watch TV and clean and get ready for the kids to come home. I am just looking forward to having this time to myself. Reflecting on the past and what I want for 2009 will be good for me. I have come a long way since my divorce. I have grown up a lot and become a very strong woman. God has blessed me tremendously and for that I am grateful.
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