Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye and So-long to 2008

It's New Years Eve. I worked this morning. Just a half day, thank you Hilton. They graciously gave us another half-day off - pending the needs of our department. In my case, it is almost ALWAYS a given that I am able to leave. I remember one time that I had to stay because Frank had someone in the office. He sent me out for Schlotsky's...but now I have digressed.

Tonight I will spend with Benjamin and Jonathan. Alyssa is planning to go to a friend's house (nothing firm yet as is usually the case) and Michael is in Orange, TX, on a church mission trip to help FUMC Orange with some rebuilding from the hurricane earlier this year. He will be coming home tomorrow. I am happy for him that he will be spending his time welcoming in 2009 with another youth group from another church and with his own church friends. It makes me happy. He's 17 and could be doing much more destructive things.

Benjamin bought a new XBox game, which he is playing right now and I feel certain will all night if only to stop do cheer in the new year. Jonathan and I, I think, will watch TV in my room, changing channels, or maybe watch "The Dark Knight" if he wants to and I can stand to sit through it again. Scratch that, I won't be sitting through any movies, I can't sit still that long. I think I will work on putting the Christmas decorations away and cleaning. I always have things to organize and work out. If you read my brother,Andy's, blog, you will see that he and I have very similar quirks, if you will. We come from parents who like to hord things. I believe it has made us not non-horders but more like organized horders. I have stuff, way too much stuff, but it is organized, but I definitely have too much stuff. I blame it on having four kids and wanting to keep every single thing that they made or touched for the last whatever years of their life.

This year has been very rewarding for me. I feel like I hit a stride in this whole single mom thing. It has been five years now. I feel much more sure of myself and much happier with the woman that I am. It makes me sad that, along the way I have offended people, stood up to some who needed it and they didn't like it, and lost a few good friends-or so I thought. I believe with all my heart that things happen for a reason and that you should never be someone's doormat. Excuses don't cut it. Forgiveness is best. If you can't get over it, go along your merry way and leave me out of your problems. Look around you. This life is what you have created. If you are happy with it, wonderful, if not, it's up to you to change it. No one will do it for you.

These are the things I try to teach my children, like it or not. As 2008 comes to a close, I pray that you are blessed over and again in 2009.

With love,
The Nobles Family
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Andy Baker said...

Hey Sugar! Hope you ended up having a great night. I feel like I've been immobile for the last couple of days. We're definitely going out tomorrow. Happy New Year!