Monday, December 8, 2008

Cliff House Studio and Gallery

Saturday night, Chris and I had a date with Missy and Brad to go to Cliff House Studio and Gallery for their 26th Annual Holiday Cliff House Studio Open House Exhibition and Sale. I went three years ago with mom but hadn't had a chance to go back until this year. That year I purchased a small plate with the horse hair pottery design. Missy is very artsy and has gone back to the open house every year since. The studio/home is on a cliff on Eagle Mountain Drive and it is just majestic. The view is amazing and in the wintertime, it is a perfect place to spend an evening with Friends.

I first met Pam when Andy was in college at TWC. I am not exactly sure how she and Andy met, but I believe it was through the studio that she had near the college. I remember going there one time, probably around this time of the year, and watch her do a demonstration. I was probably 18-20 years old. We got to watch a demonstration of how she makes her Raku pottery. It was really the first time I was up close and personal during the demonstration and watched the whole thing from beginning to end. She did six pieces in three different kilns. They were all different shapes and sizes and colors. Pam is so animated and fun to watch - a great teacher! I would love to take one of her workshops some time.

After her demonstration, I made my way to her and re-introduced myself as I always do, waiting for the glee that always comes when I say "Andy Baker". It is so nice to see her reaction when I remind her who I am. She absolutely loves my brother, which is really not hard to do. He's a pretty great guy! I tell her all about him and Fred and tell her I will give her his contact information when she has a minute. She says she will be in the guest shop soon so to just meet her in there. Mom had been there earlier in the day and had picked out a piece that she wanted to get for Andy and Fred's wedding gift. Fred likes the vases with the small holes, so that is what we focused on. She wanted me to pick it out, so the pressure was on. I have been to their apartment, I knew (sort of) what they like but still wasn't completely sure about what color. He already had a white one so I wanted blue or the light greenish one. Blue was my first choice, but when we got back in the gift shop-after the demonstration-all the blue ones in the shape I wanted were gone.

Chris went outside and when he came back in he was carrying the blue vase that Pam had made during the demonstration that we watched. He does listen - I have to give him that! I was talking about it all during the show - how I wanted that blue one. Well, I am talking to Pam and then I am disappointed because we had already purchased the green one and now here was a blue one. Pam said, green, definitely green....this one's from me (as she is handing me the blue one). I am so excited to send them to him that I am waiting to post this until I think the package is at his door.

I took a few pictures on Suzanne's office because there was some sunlight and she has a small Japanese set up. Raku is a Japanese art form so it was appropriate. If you ever get the chance to go to her studio, do it. Go during the day or dusk. That is when the view is the best - just my opinion.
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