Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Band News of Late

I haven't felt much like writing this last week but I have had a few things I needed to put down in here. Forgive me if you think my blogs are one sided. Some of my chidren are more active in things than others.

On December 8th, Ben tried out for the high school All Region Round 1. Our district is the only district in Texas now that has 9th grade in junior high so they allow 9th graders to compete in high school competitions. That meant that Ben would be competing for a spot in All Region against high school kids who have been playing much longer than him. He placed in the competition to be able to compete in Round 2 that next Saturday. He was one of only 2 students with LD Bell that placed from junior high.

On December 13th, he competed for Round 2 but missed a spot by just a little. This enabled him to be able to compete in the 9th grade All Region Band where he was awarded 2nd chair. In November, he tried out for the HEB Honor Band and placed 8th chair. He admits he didn't try very hard and could have done much better. I am proud of him anyway!

Michael told me this weekend that he was told by Mr. Earnhart that his last Tri's schedule was not accomodating him being able to go to 1st Band. Hopefully they can work it out so he can get moved. Now, I don't know if that's a secret or not, but I am so proud of him. He just wants to be in first band, even if it's the last Trimester of his Senior year.

He and Ben played their horns in church on Sunday and will play again in the Christmas Eve service. It was so sweet to see the boys playing along with the morning worship. There were only four horns playing so I could pick them out. We have a small worship team but I truly love the church we are attending. Look for more blogs and pictures!
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