Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Sick

I get to work this morning and as I am sitting down at my computer to get my day started, my cell phone rings. I see the number and recognize that it's the school calling. It's the school nurse telling me that Jonathan just threw up everywhere. GREAT! Man, how awful for him, for the teacher - ugh. I just have a few things to gather up so that I can work from home, get my mom to go get him and head out at the first chance I get. I'm thankful my boss is so understanding. It's been pretty slow lately since it's almost Thanksgiving.He's doing much better, by the way.

I can't believe it's so close to the holidays already. I am more ready for it this year than in the past years. This month celebrates five years that we have lived in this house. December will celebrate 5 years since my divorce. I can't believe it's been five years. I definitely feel like I am a much better person, woman, mom, friend. I am more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. My kids have come so far and have grown up to be almost adults. Michael seemed like such a child five years ago. Now he is almost a legal adult and I look at him like he's a man, even though he calls me mommy when he's not feeling his best. Alyssa is turning into such a young woman, independent and strong, I love it and hate it at the same time. She comes by it naturally though! Ben has grown more in the last month than I thought possible. I miss him but I'm happy that he is where he wants to be right now. I think it's been the best thing for him to gain some independence and grow up a little bit. Jonathan is becoming a little man himself. He is still the baby, but he is independent too - and I'm trying very hard to let him grow up.

The dog at the top is Cheyenne, Chris's dog. If you know my two dogs, can you imagine how they are handling her? The were getting used to her coming over and then we went out of town and they completely forgot who she was. She is a super sweet 60 pound lap dog and my two pests just bark at her. We are going to need therapy for the dogs soon!!
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