Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Indy

The band leaves for Indianapolis tonight. They are defending their Grand Nationals Champion title. The statistics are that they will not win again, but their show is amazing - again - and we are certainly hoping for the best! Alyssa is very excited about getting to go this year. This is Michael's third and last time to go. It always makes me a little nervous to send them off on a bus overnight, but we have used the same bus company for a while and have had no problems. I know they research everything possible before they sign a contract.

Chris and I are flying with his parents on Friday and hopefully will be back on Sunday. We are staying at the Hilton Indianapolis where I stayed last year. There is a new stadium in Indy - Lucas Oil Stadium. We were the last band to march in the old stadium. It will be exciting to see the new stadium fully complete. We saw it last year as it was being built. I just hope there is a tunnel to get there because I just checked the weather and it's supposed to be snowing on Saturday! Yeah!! I love the cold weather and it's not getting cold enough here for me.

I will keep everyone posted and updated with pictures as soon as I can.
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