Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Life

The kids were out of school yesterday and I took the morning off to get Alyssa and Michael to school to do the finals that they missed Thursday and Friday. It was hard to be at work when I just really wanted to be at home vegging. Apparently, Ben has made the basketball team at Bedford Junior High. I need to call today and find out when his games are. At least I don't have to contend with band. Jonathan is just happy to have me home for a while. We are all ready for a break from school and work.

Thanksgiving will be fun and different this year, I think. I am going to decorate the house a little this week with all my decorations that I haven't gotten out in a few years. Chris's mom has asked me what our Thanksgiving plans are. I am planning on just getting a small turkey to make for lunch and just have small dishes of our favorite things, maybe even a brunch kinda thing. Chris's family does a late dinner and it would be nice to be in a house full of people again. Chris's sister has three girls, two that still live at home. We go over there for Sunday lunch and it's just a house full when all the kids are there and sometimes they bring friends. I am looking forward to it.

I am back to life as "normal" I guess. For now things are going really well. I think Ben is enjoying living with his dad. He has his own room, his own space, even though he has two "little brothers" living there now. Michael is working again, saving for a "new" Jeep. Jonathan is just Jonathan. He lives life and doesn't worry about too much. He loves Chris and that makes me happy. Alyssa is thinking hard about whether she wants to do IB next year or not. I think we are going to make an appointment with the IB counselor to talk about her options. It's a great opportunity for her but it is a little overwhelming not really knowing what all is in store.

It's been a good year.
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