Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UIL Region 5 Marching Contest

Last night was the UIL Region 5 marching contest and Bell got a 1 for the 54th ?? year in a row. It is expected by now, but the band is always amazing. It was a beautiful evening and Ben had his new iPhone that he bought himself with his lawn mowing money so he took some great pictures that I wanted to share. He has been living with his dad for two weeks now. It's been a little bit of a change for all of us but I think it's been good. He is just so much like his dad and really misses him so I finally caved and let him go see if he would be happier living there.

I had huge reservations about this because of how it was when Michael lived with his dad at the beginning of our divorce. It was not a good experience for Michael and I didn't want Ben to go through that same experience. Ben felt that his dad has moved on and was more parental, so I said ok. I felt it was better that I atleast let him try it until Christmas break and then we could re-evaluate the situation. I offered for him to go with us last night and he was very anxious to be with us. I have learned through many experiences with my kids the last 5 years that they know I love them no matter what. I have great kids and they appreciate me as their mom, forgiving me when I mess up, which is a wonderful gift.

Congratulations to the Bell Band and good luck on Saturday's UIL Area B Marching Contest! We will ROCK the place!

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Jennifer said...

HOLE-EE COW! you are writing
MY blog. well, maybe not exactly...but close enough. i too am a single mother, but of just 2 boys. i can't imagine being single with FOUR! you have my sincere respect. both of my boys are in band and i was at the HEB contest with my oldest; purely as a spectator (our band didn't attend). my oldest is a sophomore (16 in FEB) my youngest in 8th (just turned 13 in AUG). i am a proud member of our band's Pit Crew and i absolutely love every aspect of being the parent of a high school band member.
i just wanted to say that i identified with a lot of your blog and to find another single band mom was awesome. the fact that her band is one of the best in the country was a bonus! that title is our band's goal.
take care - J