Friday, October 3, 2008

School/Pizza Pheast

Wednesday the kids were out of school for the teacher conference day. Why in the middle of the week you ask? Because if they do it on a Friday, parents are likely to go out of town and not meet with the teachers for conference day. Usually it's just the elementary, or in my case, that's all I've ever had conferences with. So, I met with Jonathan's teachers - Ms. Kleck and Ms. Williams. Jonathan is in the PEAK learning program again this year. It's an academically advanced class that they go to once a day and evolves around reading, which completely threw me when I was first asked about him going in. He wasn't a very good reader at first. This year, though, he is almost on target for where he needs to be, so I am very happy about that. Apparently, the class isn't about how well you are academically but what type of imagination you have and stuff. He definitely has a vivid imagination and thinks WAY outside the box. He is a very minimalist child, though. He only wants to do what is absolutely necessary so I appreciate the opportunity to push him into finding out that learning isn't a bad thing and being challenged is a life long thing, so start now! They both see a change in him since the first of the year in that he seems much more confortable with school and learning. It was the best teacher conference I have had with him, so I was very happy.

We had the annual Pizza Pheast at the high school last night. The three junior highs that feed into the high school come and perform in the gym as everyone pays and eats pizza and salad. It raises money for the high school band to be able to go to all the competitions that they travel to this time of year. This year was especially fun for me because I have someone to go with now....someone other than my kids and my mom....which are great, but it's nice to have someone special again. I forgot my camera, so I am hoping to get some picture from someone else. The Bedford Jr. High band performed first. They did such a great job! Ben has such a great time with his friends. I really enjoy watching them get excited about music. Bell performed last and, of course, it was wonderful! They are always a crowd pleaser. It's nice to see Alyssa and Michael having fun in the stands playing their music. I love that they love high school.....ok, maybe they don't LOVE high school, but they are having fun!!

Tonight we have a football game at home and then tomorrow morning we will be up early for the March-a-Thon across Hurst and Bedford. I think it's gonna be a five mile walk with stops at three different places. (Check the last blog for the Route Map). I will post pictures some time this weekend. It will be fun and I am truly looking forward to it. The weather here right now has been amazing in the mornings and really not so bad in the afternoons. I think it's supposed to be about 90 tomorrow, but we should be done before it gets that hot. Have a great weekend!!
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