Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little Politics

My brother Andy has something on his blog I think you should read. It's very political, but this is the time of year in a year that is very political. Read it, please.

Much, if not all, of what he states is my opinion as well. I have not been much of a political person in my life. Mainly because my parents were VERY Republican while I was growing up and I was never encouraged to have my own opinions, political or otherwise. I also married a man who allowed me no opinion, so I just voted Republican because that's what I was told to do.

Since my divorce, I have found that I have many MANY different opinions than the ones I always thought I had. I voted for GW the first time because I was married and I didn't like Al Gore - at the time. I voted for GW the second time because I felt it was important to have the same President in office that got us into the war so that he could get us out of the war. That hasn't happened. Oh, and I couldn't STAND Kerry. I have a son who will be 18 in February of 2009. I cannot stand the thought of there possibily being a draft and him having to fight a war that he doesn't want to fight. I don't want to hear "There won't be a draft" because we don't know if there will or not. If we kill off all our military, which is happening, there will be. I will move my kids to Amsterdam so fast you have no idea! I can't stand John McCain and yes, I really enjoy Barack Obama. I see him as the person who is out for me. He understands where I am. He understands how I struggle. John McCain has no idea what it's like to have no idea where you will get money from to make your bills so things don't get turned off. I am so sick of hearing about his POW time. It's over, he's old and will follow the same path as GW and he stands for nothing I believe in anymore.

I better stop now because I will just rant. Have a great day!
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