Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been busy crazy at the Nobles house this week and it is just going to get crazier! We had a football game Friday night that was no fun....we lost to Colleyville Heritage but apparently we are still 3rd. Then Saturday I went to give blood, which is something I want to keep doing every 59 days. I have a side vein though, so it's a little more painful and I found out I might not be able to donate plasma because of the return thing. Apparently the blood I gave 3 months ago went to help Hurrcan Ike victims, so that was cool!!

Saturday was just full of doing and napping and running around and stuff. LD Bell and Trinity hosted the HEB Marching Contest and did an exhibition performance that night. We did a great job, of course! I really enjoy watching the band and watching other people's reaction to how good our band is.

Sunday we went to church and then went to Chris's parents house for the every Sunday afternoon lunch. Mom, Alyssa and Jonathan came along. Michael and Ben had worship practice right after church, so they weren't there. Chris's sister and her family were there. I just love that they do this even as adults with family, they go to their parent's house, the same house that they grew up in, the same house I hung out in a lot of my teenage years, and sit down to lunch and talk. I want this for my family as my kids get older. Their house is like a museum that you can touch things in. It's so cool to see all the pictures of Chris and Cathy as they were young, growing up and had families of their own. It's very homey and I just love that feeling. I have been very blessed to have Chris in my life. He came in at a time that I needed him the most and I believe he will be around for a very long time.

This week is UIL competition on Tuesday and Saturday. I got this email below and just had to take a deep breath and know that things were going to be ok!!

THE PLAN - A note from Jeremy Earnhart
We are down to our final four weeks of Marching Band. With contests
and events, we are down to three weeks of rehearsals. Our motto, "The
pain of discipline now, or pain of regret later" will be important to
remember over the coming days and weeks. The importance of good
health, rest, nutrition, hydration, and study can be easy to let slide
as the weather turns cooler. Each rehearsal, as always, will be
carefully scripted to ensure improvement in achievement and 100%
attendance by well rested young men and women will be the ultimate key
to both a GREAT State & Grand Nationals DVD! We had a terrific turn-
out at the sewing session Saturday and our efforts this Monday,
Wednesday & Thursday will effect whether we can use the new Guard
Contest Uniforms at UIL Area.

So here's the plan:

This Week: Students work hard at rehearsals this week and "clean-up"
the site and sound for UIL Region & Area. Parents sew like your hair
is on fire to finish the Part 3 swing flags.
Next Week: Learn Part 5 for BOA San Antonio. Parents sew the closer
Next, Next Week: Travel to UIL State (pending advancement), Bell/
Trinity game Thursday, rehearse/add visual and musical show
Next, Next, Next Week: Rehearse Monday & Tuesday, then get on buses to
Indianapolis Wednesday night.

So if I seem a little frazzled, hopefully you will understand!
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