Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a vertually uneventful weekend. I didn't have the kids, the march-a-thon was cancelled for Saturday because of Hurricane Ike that didn't bring all the rain they were expecting and so all I did was sleep, relax, clean a little and just hang out. I did get to catch up with an old high school friend on Saturday night, so that was fun.

Tonight we have the Homecoming Parade. I think that the last two of these had to be cancelled because of rain, so I am looking forward to an evening outside, especially since the weather is nice today. It was actually in the mid 60's this morning, which is a nice unusual for this time of year.

I noticed that I hadn't posted a picture of Jonathan yet, so this morning I took a couple. He got his hair cut over the weekend, so he looks more like a little boy again.

He has a secret desire to be Mr. Wilson.

This is his "don't take any more pictures" face.
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