Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There is Travel in the Air

In one week from tomorrow, I will be leaving for Amsterdam to attend my brother's wedding. He and Fred have been together about 6 years (Andy correct me if I'm wrong) and Andy has lived in Amsterdam for the past 4 years or so. I have been to Amsterdam to visit once. It was the most enjoyable trip I believe I have ever taken anywhere. I was there for 9 full days of enjoying the city and all it has to offer. This time my trip will be much shorter - 52 hours - but I will enjoy every second of it.

Fred, Me and Andy from the last visit.

Initially, I thought I would just leave the kids at our house since my mom lives next door and can help keep an eye on them and help them if they need anything. Luckily, it is actually the weekend that they are going to be with their dad, so I don't have to worry. Michael and Alyssa may end up staying there because of band activities and such, but I am not too worried about it. It would help if the dogs have some constant attention, but either way, I won't have to worry about Ben and Jonathan at all.

When I tell people that I am going to Amsterdam they usually ask me one of two things: are you taking the kids? and are your parents going? The answer is no to both. I am going by myself, and I am honestly very happy about that. I tend to get very selfish when it comes to spending time with Andy. I haven't had him around much the last 20 years. We are very close. Time together is very special to me. We just get each other. It's really nice to have that in my life right now - well it's always nice.

Remember this one thing: Loving someone unconditionally is the very best thing you can do for that person. We are all unique and loveable in our own way. If we were all the same, this world wouldn't be such a great place to live.
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Andy Baker said...

Awwwwww! Love you too. And for the record, we have "been together" for six years and I've been here almost five. Can't wait to see you!