Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2001

Like so many other people, I remember where I was 7 years ago today and I want to write about it.

This is the construction site.

This is inside the small church across the street.

I was at a very pivital point in my marriage. It wasn't good at all and emotions were already running rampant at my house. I remember taking the kids to school that morning and then getting a call from the neighbor asking if I had been watching the news. She told me I should get home and turn the TV on and watch. The World Trade Center in NYC was on fire. They didn't know much at that time, but throughtout the day we learned more and more.

At the time, my brother, Andy was living in Manhattan. I probably didn't think to call him or thought he would call us to tell us he was ok. I don't remember many details but I do remember thinking that there must be thousands of people in those buildings and how were they going to get out. I had a few things to go do, so I got out of the house and listened to what I could on the radio. As I was pulling up to my church they were saying that the towers fell. I just couldn't wrap my mind around that. I went inside to find one of the staff watching the news on the TV and asked him if that was really true. He just nodded. I went right back to my car and just sat trying to imagine what it must have been like for the people inside those towers as they were collapsing. It was sickening to think about.

It was a facination of mine for a long time. Death and destruction are interesting to me. I guess that's part of what made me want to be a court reporter and what draws me to reality criminal ivestigation shows and stuff.

Recently, on a trip I took to NYC, I had the opportunity to go to the construction site of the new buildings - the 16 acres of land where the towers once stood. It was very closed off and hard to get to, but I got a few pictures anyway. Then, Bob(Andy's friend who was showing me around the city)and I went across the street to the the little church that became a refuge for the workers and family still looking for loved ones that were missing. THAT was a humbling experience. I can't imagine having been there that day. My brother was and he has written his thoughts on that day if you want to go visit his blog.

I am so thankful for where my life is now. I don't know if the emotions I feel are remembering how awful that time was for me or for the victims of that tragedy or a little of both. I just can't believe it's been 7 years.

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